Students participate in a variety of academic, social and vocational activities and receive training to improve daily living skills and independence.

  • Academic Skills- students learn about functional and age-appropriate topics such as current events and cooking.
  • Community Involvement- students make frequent outings to places like restaurants, stores, museums and theaters.
  • Vocational Training- with one-on-one assistance, students learn job skills by placing labels on envelopes for a local business.
  • Socialization- Students have the opportunity to interact with peers with similar needs.
  • Recreational Activities- Through collaborative programming with NISRA (Norther Illinois Special Recreation Association), McCAP members enjoy recreational day trips.


Music therapy is another of the activities that are provided to each student in the program. Shown are McCAP students with music therapist Beth Zielinski.


The students work with both an Occupational and Physical therapist as part of the program. Pictured above from left to right are Mallory (PT), Gretchen, and Carol (OT) from Adult & Child Rehab Center in Woodstock.

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